Saturday, June 24, 2017

Other LNESC KC Services

Each of the 17 LNESC offices differ in programs and services based on the needs of that region. LNESC KC offers the following services and programs at no cost to the participant:

Healthy Lifestyles

Reducing Risky Behaviours
LNESC is working with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to reduce risky behaviours amoungst latino youth in our region. The “More Than A Dream” program is a new program in which certified facilitators work with youth to educate them on healthy choices to promote a happy and long life.

Preparing for College

Academic Counseling
LNESC can assist students in choosing college curriculum (college bound) courses. Transcript analysis may be used to assure students they are taking the required courses to allow them access to college.

Career Counseling
LNESC can assist students in exploring careers in a large variety of professional fields. Student’s interests and aptitudes may be identified and matched with corresponding career fields.

College or Vocational School Selection
LNESC resources information and contact with many colleges and vocational schools locally and nationally.

Financial Aid
LNESC partners with local colleges and vocational schools to ensure our students have assistance when completing the FAFSA. Additionally, we administer the Greater Kansas City Hispanic Scholarship fund for the Hispanic Development Fund.

Higher Learning Field Trips
Students that participate in our programs have the opportunity to visit area colleges and vocational schools.

Character Development
Through volunteer opportunities and our Hispanic Leadership Opportunity Program high school students build character traits required to be effective leaders and life long learners.

Parental Education Program
Teaches parents how to partner with the Kansas and Missouri school systems to enhance their child’s learning.

Literacy Programs
Improves English language, math, and computer literacy to help children close learning gaps at an early age-increasing their propensity to stay in school and graduate.