Thursday, March 22, 2018

Washington Youth Leadership Seminar (WYLS)

The seminar, which takes place in Washington, D.C. in early October each year, offers a once in a lifetime chance for students to voice their opinions to national leaders who can make a difference. It challenges participating youth to focus on their own leadership development and continue to work when they return to their respective communities. Participants are recommended by LULAC Councils to serve as representative of their home states. Once in Washington D.C., students work with LNESC staff and LULAC leaders from across the country to develop a platform on items of particular interest to Hispanic youth. After meeting with key players in the issue and discussions with think tank representatives, participants collaborate on a position piece, which is then sent to their congressional leaders. In past years, students have focused on issues as varied as education, immigration, healthcare reform, and the workforce.

• Developing Ethics
• Developing Self-Esteem
• Understanding the Role of a Leader
• Problem Solving
• Team Work
• Development of Leadership Skills
• Presentation Skills
• Leadership by Example

Days include the following events:
• Discussion and Lecture Sessions
• Cultural Trips/Tours
• Case Study
• Research and Problem Solving
• Recognition and Presentation Banquet

For more information on this program and the application process please contact Mike Macias at in early September.